Multi-Party Computation: Andrei Lapets, Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder, Nth Party

Nth Party MPC Whitepaper (pdf)

Dr. Andrei Lapets is Chief Science Officer and a co-founder at Nth Party, Ltd., a recently-formed company that develops and delivers next-generation privacy-enhancing software solutions across a number of verticals. Prior to his current role, Andrei was Associate Professor of the Practice in Computer Science at Boston University, where he also served as Director of Research Development at the Hariri Institute for Computing and Director of the Software & Application Innovation Lab. In these capacities, he served as PI and co-PI on multiple cybersecurity research efforts supported by sponsors such as NSF and IARPA, supported a broad community of researchers and external organizations as they envisioned and executed interdisciplinary computational and data-driven research efforts in areas such as digital health and bioinformatics, and was a collaborator in joint university-government initiatives. Andrei also has over a decade of industry experience as a scientific and software engineering consultant for both small start-ups and large organizations engaged in federally sponsored research programs. 

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