Human-Based Risk and Behavior Change: Chris Zannetos, Co-Founder & CEO, Covered Security

High tech leader with proven track record founding successful companies; creating cohesive and high performing teams; and leading them through multiple stages of maturity to become recognized, sizable, profitable, visionary leaders in their sectors to achieve liquidity. Deep experience in cyber security, privacy, business process automation, and BI/data analytics.

Passionate believer in STEM education as a powerful tool to drive economic advancement and battle generational poverty – and in the responsibility of tech companies large and small to take action.

Bio from Covered Security website: 

This isn’t our founders’ first rodeo. Prior to starting Covered, Brian and Chris co-founded and led identity and access management pioneer Courion Corporation. After building it up to 220 people worldwide, $40 million in sales, and tens of millions of users, Courion was acquired and they went off to explore the rest of life. Brian’s the good-natured, Midwestern (is that redundant?) technologist. Chris is the intense, Bostonian business guy. Together they have a knack for delivering innovations that make security easier and faster for everyone.

Having worked in the security industry for over 2 decades, they know just how fragile trust on the Internet is, and how easily organizations can be hacked. Hackers collaborate like crazy, while security teams struggle just to get users to stop clicking on phishing emails. With the explosion of breaches and weaponization of personal info, Brian and Chris decided they needed to jump back into the fray to help bring end users into the battle with hackers, to change the balance of power. And that is just what Covered intends to do!

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