Using Data to Support Serious Illness Care: Caitlin Brennan, VP, Clinical Improvement, Cyft

"Using Data to Support Serious Illness Care"

Dr. Brennan is a palliative care nurse practitioner with a PhD in nursing. She is currently the VP of Clinical Improvement at Cyft and a visiting scholar at Boston College School of Nursing. Cyft is devoted to helping healthcare organizations use data to succeed in value-based care arrangements. Caitlin has spent the last 15+ years working in a variety of research, clinical, and quality/safety positions focused on using data to drive change. Her research efforts have resulted in 20+ publications in peer-reviewed journals on health services research topics such as patient acuity measurement and nurse staffing, quality of care at the end-of-life in the critical care setting and in veteran populations, as well as clinical decision-making at the point of care and measurement of patient harm.

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