Flying Blind on Cost: Steve Lefar, Executive Director of StrataDataScience(SDS), Paul Anderson, Subject Matter Expert, Strata Decisions

Understanding the Real Cost of Care

Steve is a three-time CEO with nearly 30 years of experience in healthcare with expertise in strategy, analytics and software. In June of 2018, Steve joined Strata Decision Technology as Executive Director of a new group, StrataDataScience(SDS). The purpose of SDS is to leverage the nearly $600B per year of healthcare costs that flow through Strata software and 200+ health systems that work with Strata. He is a member of Strata’s senior leadership team and drives analytics strategy. He is also a board member of several venture backed companies.

Paul Anderson is a subject matter expert on leveraging decision support
technology for both clinical care and business transformation initiatives.  He has lead teams in the creation and implementation of tools used to reduce costs by eliminating wasteful care variation, strategically maximize revenue in value-based care models, and establish trustworthy financial plans. Most recently, he was a key partner in the joint creation of the HFMA-Strata L7 Cost Accounting Adoption Model – the industry-standard roadmap for leveraging advanced analytics to generate actionable cost data to achieve cost reduction targets.

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