Advancing Patient Engagement: A Digital HIM Journey

  • 20 Oct 2022
  • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Advancing Patient Engagement: A Digital HIM Journey

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Advancing Patient Engagement: A HIM Journey into digital

This session will describe the transformation of Enterprise Health Information Management (HIM) at Mass General Brigham (MGB) as they began to play a vital role within a new unit known as Mass General Brigham - Digital.

The new Digital organization was formed and was comprised of information technology, clinical & administrative systems & applications, data analytics, innovation, and health information management. The journey has presented opportunities and challenges for HIM in balancing participation as an active member of the Digital leadership group while maintaining an authentic HIM identity to perform core HIM functions.  The session will highlight the ways in which HIM works to advance patient engagement beyond meeting regulations.

The discussion will provide the following:

  • examples of leading digital innovation while sustaining core HIM functions
  • leadership competencies most relevant to what HIM expects to deliver and achieve over the next year
  • insights into the importance of HIM in streamlining patient identity procedures without compromising data integrity
  • how HIM contributes to a positive patient experience
  • scenarios when HIM is requested to consult from a legal health record or privacy perspective
  • understanding of how this work is supported through an organized and collaborative decision-making structure.