Spotlight Analytics: Health Equity by Design in Spotlight

  • 07 Dec 2022
  • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Webinar


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Spotlight Analytics: Health Equity by Design in Spotlight

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The Massachusetts Health Data Consortium (MHDC) has partnered with the Lown Institute to provide access to their renowned Hospital Index data via the MHDC Spotlight Data Analytics platform. This groundbreaking and newsworthy data examines contemporary issues such as inclusivity, compensation, value, outcomes and patient safety, among others (hierarchical representation of the data and measures are below). In our Spotlight Data Analytics tool (using the Tableau processing engine), MHDC can now bring this data, related views, and customization functionality to you our user members.

Within Spotlight we show rank for all hospitals in Massachusetts in each of the measure categories down to various levels of detail, with heat maps and HRR (service area) filters so you can assess how your facility is doing in relation to others or vise versa. In this time of health equity and access focus, we believe there is significant relevance of this data for our members.

Please forward this information to anyone in your organization who may have interest in this data and these capabilities, for example: strategic planners, development officers, marketing, senior executives, community advocates, and service line managers.  

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