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    • 22 Oct 2015
    • MHDC Offices, 460 Totten Pond, Ste 690, 02451
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    Post-Acute Care: What ACOs Need to Know

    How to Use Analytics to Manage Post-Acute Care

    Post-acute care (PAC) encompasses the treatments that patients receive after they are discharged from the hospital, including services provided at skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), inpatient rehabilitation facilities, long-term care hospitals, and home-health agencies.  Spending on PAC has grown over the past few decades, and it now represents a significant expenditure for accountable care organizations (ACOs), which are responsible for cost, quality, and utilization across the continuum of care.

    Based on multiple analyses, there is wide variation in the utilization of PAC, which is not explained by patient characteristics. In order to control costs, healthcare organizations with value-based contracts need to actively manage the PAC that their patients receive through focused strategies, such as selecting the most appropriate PAC facility for each patient, controlling lengths of stay, and working collaboratively to reduce hospital re-admissions. Understanding the dynamics of the issues requires a multidimensional approach.

    In our upcoming sessions, Verisk Health experts will examine PAC broadly, with a focus on the SNF component. Our presenters will discuss the analytics that organizations can use to help craft strategies for better managing PAC.

    Some of the many opportunities include:

    • Quality Improvement Initiatives
    • Utilization variation analyses
    • Hospital re-admissions reduction initiatives


    • James Colbert, MD, Senior Medical Director, Population Health
    • Juliana Hart, BSN, MPH, Director, Provider Solutions
    • 28 Oct 2015
    • MHDC Office, 460 Totten Pond Rd, Ste 690, 02451
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    Visualizing Healthcare:
    You Have the Data --
    But Can You See the Story?

    This meeting is SOLD OUT!
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    Please email Arleen at acoletti@mahealthdata.org

    Data is coming at your organization faster than text messages to a 14-year-old's smartphone. You need to communicate it correctly, clearly and compellingly to all of your stakeholders: patients, clinicians, administrators, regulators, and others. But too often, the tables, graphs and dashboards used to communicate healthcare data are poorly designed, at best failing to and at worst even incorrectly communicating the critical information used to measure performance, educate and inform patients and identify the right opportunities for change and improvement to our healthcare system. 

    In this interactive presentation we will explore the integral role that technology, design and data visualization expertise, and healthcare knowledge each play in the effective communication of healthcare data.

    You will learn the science behind how we see and understand information and simple yet powerful ways to display and communicate information so that the opportunities are clear and people are moved to action.

    And, although you may never create the reports and dashboards disseminated by your institution, you must understand the power and importance of how we see and understand data in order to lead a truly data driven organization.

    • Speaker, Katherine Rowell, MS, MHA, Founder & Principal HealthDataViz